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Fabric filters
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Bag filters are designed for dedusting non-aggressive non-explosive process gases and aspiration air. The flexibility of the design makes it possible to choose the optimal physical and technical characteristics of the filter for a wide range of conditions.


Withstands high temperatures and pressures
Different types of silos can be used
High degree of purification
Complies with the strictest environmental laws

Basic principles of work

The filter is designed and engineered for continuous operation with minimal maintenance. Routine maintenance is usually performed without disconnection of the filter.

Bag filter with pulse-jet consists of a series of filter sleeves, round in shape, suspended from a tube sheet separating the camera dusted and cleaned the air inside the compartment.

Each sleeve has an internal wire frame that supports the sleeve and prevents its damage. Dusty gas enters the intake manifold of the filter through the existing system of channels.

Dust is collected on the outer surface of the filter medium, which allows only the purified gases to pass into the upper part above the pipe grate and further to the exhaust channel and exhaust pipe.

The dust is removed from the hoses by means of compressed air pulses when the pressure drop reaches a predetermined limit value.

During the regeneration process, the dust falls into the bins and then into the dust transport system.

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Technical parameters

The surface area of filter, m²
30 - 1616
Number of sections
1 - 2
The number of sleeves
36 - 576
Sleeve diameter, mm
Sleeve length, m
2 - 6,8
Dust mass concentration in the treated gas at the inlet, g/ m³
20 - 50
Hydraulic resistance, kPa
1,2 - 2
The pressure of the purge air, MPa
0,3 - 0,6
Permissible pressure (vacuum) inside the apparatus, kPa
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